Niv Brightman

Managing Partner

Prior to founding Brightman-Gil Real Estate Investment Management in 2013, Mr. Brightman managed the Brightman family's single family office (SFO). In this role, he located, analyzed and managed investments, while planning the company's investment strategy. Since 2010 Mr. Brightman has executed various investments - from development to yielding assets - in both residential and commercial real estate.

Prior to his work in investment management, Mr. Brightman worked for Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar & Co. (2002-2009). As part of his work in their Economic Consulting Division, he managed the Valuations Department. During his time in the Audit Division, he prepared and audited financial statements for leading public and private companies.

Mr. Brightman, a licensed accountant, earned a BA in Business Administration and an MBA from Tel Aviv University's Recanati School of Business.